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MADE IN THE U.S.A. • Phone: +1 772 567-9200
MADE IN THE U.S.A. • Phone: +1 772 567-9200

Catamaran Professional Series

Novurania Catamaran Professional Series for Commercial Use

The new NOVURANIA Catamaran 28 Professional Series, RIBS are a sensible solution to the work boat market. They are lighter, carry a heavier payload, and reduce liabilities or possible damage around other boats. Known worldwide as a leader in the manufacturing of luxury yacht tenders, NOVURANIA has produced applicable commercial boats for the United States Coast Guard, US airports, and fire departments as well as others. Inside every luxury tender we make is a work boat crafted to strict specifications.

The Catamaran Pro Series is available in 18, 20, 24, and 28 feet. This series offers several outboard power options. There is also an I.O. diesel stern drive option available in the 24-foot model. The Catamaran series has multiple console and custom seating arrangements. Each model can be individually built to specific commercial needs. Features include boarding rails for safe entrance & exit, large port & starboard bow tow eyes for a stable 2-point towing system, hand-laid fiberglass deck/hull and 1670 Dtex exclusive Hypalon-Neoprene fabric, with heavy-duty rubstrake. Commercial applications for the Catamaran Pro Series include the transport of heavy equipment and ATVs to remote locations. The Catamaran Pro series provides easy access to the water with the push-button hydraulic bow ramp.

This is a versatile, multi-functional line of vessels for commercial applications. Features include a soft-riding rigid twin hull design with an inflatable tube for increased stability. A remote controlled push-button bow ramp minimizes injury to water-related accident victims during rescue operations, and allows the easy transport of cargo. The self-draining deck design allows search & rescue dive teams to operate the bow ramp in difficult flood and fast current conditions.

  • Commercial Applications – Transport heavy equipment and all-terrain vehicles to remote locations.

  • Diving and Water sports – Ideal platform with easy access to the water.

  • Transport Heavy Equipment and ATVs –  Bow ramp allows heavy equipment, ATVs, motorcycles and scooters to be taken ashore.

  • Physically Challenged Individuals can safely board and disembark through the bow ramp of the larger models at a dock or a yacht’s swim platform with confidence.
Novurania Catamaran 28 Professional Series
Novurania Catamaran 28 Professional Series